Consent Preferences

Committees and Organisations

If you are a member of a committee or organization that stores members’ personal data, they are also subject to the GDPR laws and regulations. These include and are not exclusive to:

  • Boards of Management
  • Sports Groups and Committees (soccer, GAA, golf, swimming, gymnastics etc)
  • Parent Teacher Groups and Committees
  • Business Networks and Committees
  • Church/Parish Events
  • Local Business Platforms
  • Voluneteer Groups
  • Active Age Groups
You must remember that if you are part of a committee or an administrator of a group then you are responsible for GDPR within the organisation. You have to look at the emails you inherit, Whatsapp messages, Social media messages etc, photos that are captured etc. If you are unsure as to what you should be doing, then the following will help:

1. Own Your Identity

This is a new programme for everyone involved in community groups, members of
committees, boards of management and anyone who is interested in understanding
more about GDPR and data protection.

2. Power Hour

Do you need help with completing any policies? Or do you have queries about GDPR within your business but don’t know where to start?

Do you want to implement GDPR within your organisation but don’t know what you have and what you are missing?

Or do you just want to run an idea by an expert in GDPR?

This is the option for you- 1 hour Power Hour, and you get to decide what we cover.