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Small Business > 10 People

Hello to all our small businesses – you are the bread and butter of any economy. You could be the single person business, family business, early start up or just happy keeping it small and manageable. Small businesses are always the last to receive any financial help from the government, advice on new regulations and understanding what areas affect them.

GDPR is just as important to a small business as it is to multi-national companies. But where do you start and what areas are explicitly important to you. This is where the following can help:

1. GDPR Healthcheck

Check your GPDR Health with our quick and easy online health check. This
easy-to-complete process will show you exactly where you are with GDPR in your
business or organisation, and where you have any gaps that need to be addressed.
Get a % score based on how well your business or organisation is performing within
the official GDPR guidelines.

2. GDPR Power Hour

Do you need help with completing any policies? Or do you have queries about GDPR within your business but don’t know where to start?

Do you want to implement GDPR within your organisation but don’t know what you have and what you are missing?

Or do you just want to run an idea by an expert in GDPR?

This is the option for you- 1 hour Power Hour, and you get to decide what we cover.

3. Small Business Start-Up Package-

Are you newly setting up in business or are you established and would like to have
some GDPR fundamentals in place? This is the package for you. It includes:

  • Website compliant documents to include bespoke Privacy Policy, Terms and
    Conditions & Cookies banner/pop up
  • Data Processing Agreement – this is when you are either sharing your client details with external contractors or they are being shared with you
  • Power Hour – this will be to review contracts with clients, intake forms, agreements etc to make sure they are compliant
  • Data Subject Access Request Procedure– complete procedures
  • Data Breach Procedure pack – complete procedure