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MEDIUM-SIZED Businesses Up to 50 People

Welcome to our medium sized businesses. You have weathered the start-up stage, have
been in operation for years, and have expanded your business over the years. It could be that you have a mixture of employees, contractors, seasonal workers etc, and wondering how GDPR affects your business.

GDPR affects every area of your business including the following:

  • Breaking down where all your data is stored
  • Making sure your HR/Health & Safety requirements cover GDPR
  • Adhering to your insurance requirements
  • Demonstrating a GDPR program is in place
  • Providing training to all employees
  • Carrying out random data checks
  • Being both proactive and reactive to GDPR issues that arise

1. GDPR Healthcheck

Check your GPDR Health with our quick and easy online health check. This
easy-to-complete process will show you exactly where you are with GDPR in your
business or organisation, and where you have any gaps that need to be addressed.
Get a % score based on how well your business or organisation is performing within
the official GDPR guidelines.

2. Power Hour

Do you need help with completing any policies? Or do you have queries about GDPR within your business but don’t know where to start?

Do you want to implement GDPR within your organisation but don’t know what you have and what you are missing?

Or do you just want to run an idea by an expert in GDPR?

This is the option for you- 1 hour Power Hour, and you get to decide what we cover.

3. GDPR Audit

This online/in-person audit can be taken at your own pace, and you will receive a %
compliance figure at the end of the process. You will receive feedback and advice on
areas that need to be covered and policies, procedures and advice that you need to
implement these areas yourself. If you require Eileen to call on-site to work directly
with your organisation, then this can also be arranged when you discuss this with her.