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Data Breach Procedures Pack

Are you involved in a Data Breach and don’t know what to do? Would you like to have the relevant documentation to handle any emergencies that may arise? This pack will cover you in these areas. if you are involved in a Data Breach and it needs to be reported to the Data Commissioner’s Office then remember you have 72 hours once you discover the breach has occurred.

199.00 excl VAT

Do you know what do to if a Data Breach has taken place? Do you know the steps you should be following? This pack covers all areas and is a one-stop shop for all areas of a Data Breach. It contains:

1) Data Breach chart
2) Data Breach Initial form
3) Initial Letter to send to all parties affected by the Data Breach
4) Data Breach Register
5) What To Do After A Data Breach
If you have a Data Breach or suspect you may be involved in one and don’t know what to do then book in for a Power Hour asap.