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Own Your Identity Complete Documents Package

Want the complete package of documents to implement into your organisation? This package contains:


  • CCTV including DSAR form
  • Complete DSAR package (4 documents)
  • Complete Data Breach package (5 documents)
  • Photo/ Video Release Form (2 documents)
  • Data Portability Form
  • Records of Processing Activities
  • Data Protection Policy
  • Data Processing Agreement (DPA)
  • Organisation Continuity Plan
  • Data Deletion Form
  • Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA)
  • Checklist for Data Breaches
  • Leaving A Committee
  • Committee Yearly Tasks
  • New Committee Checklist
  • AGM Checklist
  • Office Checklist Dos & Donts
  • Data Processor v Data Controller
  • Cyber Security Practical Advice
  • Weekly/Monthly Tasks
  • Quarterly Tasks
  • Yearly Tasks

995.00 excl VAT

Did you enjoy the Own Your Identity course and would like to purchase the products? This is the option for you- it covers all the policies we mention and also some freebies as well.